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postheadericon 2013 Letter from the President

Fellow Members:

It’s time to forget those winter blues and start thinking of golf again.  The PGA Tour is in full swing with Tiger and Phil winning early and soon we will be thinking about our club and the upcoming season.  The committee has finalized the enclosed tournament schedule, no big changes, but we added a little variety which we hope will be well received.

2012 marked the retirement of Rich Nolte as President of your Club.  I don’t need to sell any of you on what an outstanding job he did.  The club is in good financial shape and the membership is strong.

Thank you Rich!

Last month we received the sad news of the passing of one of the most well liked members of the club, a real great guy, Anthony Bradley. We miss you AB.

Let’s get down to business.

Our annual meeting will be held at Clark Recreation Center on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013.  Dan Covert has arranged to provide the club with early registration from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and our meeting will start promptly at 7:00.  We are enclosing a registration form in this mailing and you will note we are not increasing any of the dues.  Please complete your application.  We need everyone’s mailing address, phone number and email address.  Also, please check the roster in this mailing and let us know ASAP if any changes to your information need to be made.  Check your friend’s information too.  We still have a couple of spots open for non-resident members of the club.  If you wish to sponsor a non-resident member, please see a club officer.

Bring your application and dues to the meeting or mail to:

Jeff Reissman
6 Neva Ct.
Suffern, NY  10901

The last two years, the Spook Rock team beat two very good Rotella teams, and last year we won decidedly.  Let’s keep the cup. There will be eight (8) qualifying tournaments, several of which have a number of qualifying rounds.  Our strategy of playing the “hot” players, who are playing well and earning extra qualifying points during the final qualifiers’, has worked well.   Don’t forget to review the schedule and note the four (4) tournaments which are weighted more heavily than the others.

The Member-Guest Tournament will be held on Saturday September 21st this year. We had a very successful tournament last year raising about $7,000.  The club is still sponsoring scholarship money to each of the local school golf teams, and we are now contributing golf equipment to them as well. This year we will be giving all of the teams a golf bag for each of their starting players.  Please help support the event. We hope more members will participate and bring guests.  If you have a suggestion to improve the day’s event, please share it with us ASAP.  Our hope is to make this a day for us to feel good about our club and our course. Please support it.

The officers for this year are:

President                                           Marc Niederhoffer
Treasurer                                           Jeff Reissman
Handicap Chairman                             Dave Singleton
Tournament / Rules Chairman              Mike Snell
Co Tournament Chairman                    Harold Spector
Secretary                                            Dennis Nelson
Website Administrator                     Thomas DeMont
Advisors                                             Rich Nolte & Ray Mannion
Member / Guest Chairman           Marc Niederhoffer, Rich Nolte, Mike Snell & Dennis Nelson
Member / Guest Fund Raisers     Tsilla Flint, Barbara Niederhoffer, Jim Matteotti & Dennis Nelson

                                    2013 Men’s Club Tournament Requirements 

In our continuing effort to make our tournaments fair we will require the following:

  • All members must have active and updated handicaps.
  • For all tournaments and league scores we, the committee, will post your scores. What that means is, you turn in the printed score card we provide and we will post all scores.
  • Starting this year, anyone wishing to play in the President’s Cup or Club Championship must have a minimum of five (5) scores posted before the sign up date for these tournaments.
  • GHIN rules require ALL scores to be posted. The only exceptions are Scramble and Shamble type events where you don’t play your own ball. Please adhere to the rules. If you have any question regarding posting scores, please see Dave or one of the officers. If we know someone is not posting scores, or manipulating scores, the handicap chair will take the appropriate action.

One of the most critical issues for an organization to run well is communication.  It is absolutely necessary for every member to be aware of the schedule.  First remember to sign up for the tournaments, second remember to pay for the tournaments.  Finally, remember to show up for the tournaments.  The officers spend a lot of time and effort to form schedules, list pairings, and post future tournaments and outings so please don’t mess it up for everyone else.  Read ALL of the bulletin boards in the locker room, pay attention to the schedule in advance.  Don’t call Mike or Hesh the weekend of the tournament to try and get in it. If you forgot to sign up, we will maintain an alternate sheet for each tournament. Mike and Hesh will monitor the sheet. If they are able to add a team they will and they will let you know, but you will pay the club $10 for the privilege.  In addition they will be the only ones able to change a pairing.  We need to keep the tournaments fair.

The No Show Policy is still in effect.  It allows the guilty player to pay a $40 fine to avoid suspension. We will also have a no pay policy.  It is not hard to call one of your fellow members to pay for you if you can’t get to the course.  Starting times must be paid for before the town gives the slot away. If this happens, you have hurt the other members of your tournament team.  There will be a $10 fine for repeat offenders.

We will continue to have three (3) flights this year for the Challenge Cup and Club Championship.  Last years’ Champs will continue to get a bye into the match-play portion for this year, but will have to play for a seeded position.  The flights for the Challenge Cup will be determined based upon the June 1st handicap revision.  The flights for the Club Championship will be determined based upon the July 1st handicap revision.

Challenge Cup qualification remains the same this year.  Again it will be determined by your net score.  The team will include the three (3) club champions and the top six (6) qualifiers from each flight.  There will be three (3) Golf Committee Picks based on who we feel is playing their best golf at the time leading up to the Challenge Cup. Also we will only go down the list of the top eight (8) qualifiers for alternates, after that the Golf Committee will fill the spots.

I feel obligated to remind everyone that we must improve Pace-Of-Play to make the game more enjoyable.   This starts at the First Tee, you must check-in and be ready to tee off 15 minutes before your tee time. Keep pace with the group in front. Pay attention to the others in your foursome, and help them play efficiently. If you are away, be ready to play, before starting a conversation.

Don’t forget the Hole-In-One Pool when paying your dues.  We have had a lot of fun with it and it gets the juices flowing when you start seeing $ signs.  We had no winner last year, so the prize fund should double.  You must pay your $10 this year and if you didn’t pay last year, pay an additional $10 to be in for a chance to win the money.  Only men’s club events on the tournament schedule qualify for the pool, and the pool will be split with all those making a hole in one this tournament season.

NOTICE Thursday Night League

Yes the league day did change to Thursday. This was a compromise with the town who kept taking Tuesday nights away from us to run outings.

ALL Thursday night league money must be paid prior to the start of the league. You can pay it at the meeting or mail it Jeff Reissman  (use address above).  This year Dave Singleton will be running the league.  A big thank you to Rob Hurwitz and Bobby Handler who did a great job running the league for the last three years.

This will be our only mailing this year.  An updated roster and all pertinent information (see attachments) will be available on our WEBSITE (SPOOKROCK.NET) as well as in the locker room.  Please notify Jeff Reissman, Dennis Nelson or Marc Niederhoffer of any incorrect information on the attached roster.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas that you may have to improve the club.  I hope to see you all on March 20th.


Marc Niederhoffer

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